Open Challenges

The program lets hi-tech companies offer innovative solutions to the needs of Moscow, and test them in the city's infrastructure. Each challenge is initiated by Moscow government departments, their subordinate organizations, or state-owned companies.    

Participation is open to any Russian or international company that can provide an innovative solution to Moscow's needs and is ready to pilot and implement it in the city. 

Open Challenges is a pre-procurement procedure for selecting and piloting innovation technologies and products offered by Russian and international companies to solve city`s critical tasks. Operated by Moscow Agency of Innovations, the Open Challenges program will provide the city's state customers with detailed information on innovative solutions available on the market.

1.Specifying the city tasks contained remarkable social and economic importance and identifying the theme of an Open Challenge.

At this stage, city structures - Moscow authorities and their departmental organizations - specify the city's critical tasks within their competences limits and jointly with Moscow Agency of Innovations announce an Open Challenge.

2.Selecting Russian and international companies - providers of innovative solutions for identified problem. 

The companies ready to offer a technological solutions for the problem specified in the Open Challenge, fulfill the online form. 

3.Evaluating submitted solutions. 

Each Open Challenge has its own expert jury that evaluates submitted solution in two stages. On the base of evaluating jury selects one or more best solutions and recommends them for piloting in the city.

4.Piloting selected solutions. 

The piloting will execute nuanced analysis of solution`s effectiveness that will help afterwards to render a decision about applicability of the solutions for further larger-scale implementation in city. 

Russian Union of Innovation and Technology Centres

RUITC brings together the most successful and efficient Russian infrastructure organizations, with huge experience and many competencies in the field of innovation, technology transfer, assistance to small innovative enterprises (SIE). RUITC consolidates 27 ITC, provides comprehensive support to more than 5 thousand innovative companies, research organizations and Universities in 20 regions of the country.

Autonomous Nonprofit Organization (ANO) “eNANO” is part of a group RUSNANO. The main objective of activity of ANO "eNANO" is the creation and dissemination of high quality e-learning content for all participants of the innovation sector of the economy in the framework of development of continuous education system in the Russian Federation.

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