Days Without Turnstiles Attract Over Thousand Children to Technology Parks

Several technology parks for children took part in the city-wide initiative Days Without Turnstiles on February 7-9. 

Launched only last December at the Moscow Aviation Institute, Trayektoriya Vzleta offered its young visitors a chance to operate very small drones capable of sending real-time video to augmented reality glasses.

Engineerium at the Bauman University hosted a workshop on robotics and showed off a prototype of a real space satellite. Kalibr and Vertikalny Vzlet offered classes on 3D modeling, computer animation, Python programming, and video production.

Future designers and architects were lured to the Abstract and Kurchatov Institute technology parks. The former started its open day with a field trip to the Russian Gift Museum, where children participated in arts-and-crafts workshops and learned how to use the SketchUp software in architecture. At the Kurchatov Institute, visitors had a chance to put together stained glass compositions using the Tiffany technique.

The culmination of the event was the Back to the Future quest at the Naukograd technology park. Featuring a replica of DeLorean DMC-12 from the famous trilogy, the quest brought together over 250 people of various ages, taking them on a journey through the history of technology.