Intellectual Property Valuation to Boost Investment in Cluster Companies

An intellectual property valuation mechanism should appear within the framework of the Moscow innovation cluster to provide a foundation for the financing of inventions. This statement was made by Alexander Borodich, founder of the blockchain platform, during the Russian Investment Forum in Sochi.

According to the expert, paving the way for a proper assessment of intellectual property will increase the investment attractiveness of cluster companies.

Earlier, President Vladimir Putin signed a decree on the creation of an innovation cluster in Moscow. On February 11, a draft bill on the cluster was presented at the Moscow City Duma. 

The proposed entity is expected to facilitate interaction among IT companies and science organizations by bringing them together on one platform. The cluster will incorporate more than 1,000 innovation infrastructure entities and leverage a wide range of financial incentives, such as low-rate loans, tax exemptions, and venture funding options. Among potential entrants are 173 educational institutions, 719 science organizations, and 7,240 manufacturing companies.