Caliber Resident Creates Hybrid Motor for Electric Vehicles

Moscow's technology park Caliber has introduced a unique motor for hybrid vehicles. The DVIT-40 motor produces 10 thousand rotations per minute with the 93% efficiency rate. It has a compact size and costs two and half times less than similar models.

Patented in Russia, DVIT-40 is designed for vehicles under three tons and has a power output of a two-liter diesel engine.

“It is made of iron and copper. All of its parts are made in Russia. That makes it one of the most inexpensive motors in the world. It can handle overheating and peak loads, which can reach 80 kW, while the nominal output is 40 kW,” says one of the designers of the motor.

DVIT-40 can be compared, for example, with the Swiss-made MES 40 kW, which weighs 97 kg and is 471 x 235 mm. The Chinese CMLA28 weighs 54.4 kg and is 600 x 430 mm. DVIT-40 weighs 45 kg and has the size of 220 x 340 mm. If put into serial production, it will cost much less than the competitors.

Today, there are two types of traction motors in the world. There are induction motors (installed on Teslas) and permanent-magnet synchronous motors (PMSM). Most electric cars are equipped with PMSM. DVIT-40 is unique, because it is a synchronous motor without permanent magnets. There are no manufacturers of such motors in the world.

“The motor leverages some genuinely original and tech-savvy solutions that make it powerful, light, and compact. At the same time, it offers low costs and simplicity of manufacturing,” says Alexei Fursin, head of the Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship.

According to the designers, thanks to its low price, power output, compact size, and ease of manufacturing, the new motor can successfully compete with Chinese PMSM brands on the electric car market.