More Than 12 Thousand Applications Submitted for Breakthrough of the Year

The city is continuing to accept applications from local entrepreneurs for Breakthrough of the Year competition and award. Over three and a half weeks, organizers have received more than 12 thousand applications.

 Scheduled for late May, the Breakthrough of the Year award ceremony will honor entrepreneurs in nine categories, such as female entrepreneurs with children under 18 years of age, young entrepreneurs under 30, entrepreneurs over 55, socially-oriented entrepreneurs, and international entrepreneurs who started a business in Moscow. Other categories will recognize franchisers, active exporters, CEOs of highest growth companies, and organizations that made a comeback after closure.

 The Mom Entrepreneur of the Year category is designed to celebrate business women, encourage the formation and growth of family businesses, and facilitate entrepreneurial activities among women with young children.

 The winner selection process will proceed in four steps. The first two will cover online entry submission and initial scoring according to preset criteria. The third one – from April 29 through May 14 – will combine expert assessment with public voting at the Active Citizen portal. The final will see three candidates in each category introducing their projects in front of an expert panel.

 How to Join Breakthrough of the Year

 Participation is open to Moscow-registered small and medium businesses in good standing. Applications are accepted online through mid-April and can be submitted by individual entrepreneurs, company founders, shareholders (with 50 percent-plus stakes), and CEOs.

 Participants will be required to submit copies of corporate establishment documents, tax clearance certificates, and headcount data for 2017 and 2018.