Healthcare Manufacturers Showcase Products to Potential Government Customers

On October 24 and October 30, the Moscow Agency of Innovations hosted two sessions for local manufacturers of innovative healthcare products and their potential customers from Moscow's fire safety, social security, and healthcare departments and their agencies.

Twenty five companies demonstrated their latest solutions in the fields of first aid, emergency medicine, orthopedic diagnostics, physical therapy and oncology equipment, radiology, NCD and cancer treatment and prevention, and rehabilitation of children with locomotor disabilities.

KardioSystemFarma scored 12.8 points out of 15 possible and became the highest-ranked company of the session on October 24. The company's product, a cardioplegic solution named Normacor, is designed for performing normothermic open heart surgeries with a cardiopulmonary bypass. Normacor enables more patients with cardiovascular pathologies to undergo surgical treatment.

Akvelit, another company, with its VitaVallis wound dressings came first on October 30. The dressings can be used to treat wounds of any origin. The antiseptic sorption materials used in VitaVallis absorb more than 99% of bacteria and viruses, thus helping patients recover much faster.

To date, the Moscow Agency of Innovations has held over 50 sessions for manufacturers of innovative products and their potential government customers. More than 400 companies have presented over 500 products to the city's procurers. The total value of all contracts stemming from the sessions exceeds 140 million rubles.