Moscow Agency of Innovations

Moscow Agency of Innovations brings together the efforts of the city’s administration, corporations, and technology companies to turn Moscow into the global capital of innovations.

  1. We help technology companies fine-tune new products and bring them to market.
  2. We help corporations find teams to address technology challenges.
  3. We test and implement innovative solutions in the city.

Business Units


The business unit is focused on facilitating joint projects with leading corporations, the city, and startups.

We enable the effective collaboration of technology corporations, representatives of the city’s entities, and startups by balancing the interests of all parties and ensuring a transparent and public format of their joint activities. We help corporations leverage innovations and discover new sources of talents, ideas, and technologies.

Key Objectives:

  • To analyze corporate needs for innovative technologies and address them with relevant proposals
  • To launch joint projects with corporations focused on boosting the innovation component of business operations
  • To run joint accelerations programs
  • To launch R&D centers in Moscow

Ksenia Borbacheva

Deputy CEO


The business unit is focused on ensuring effective collaboration between innovative companies and the city’s entities.

Per request from the city’s entities, we scout for new urban development practices, identify new technology solutions, promote Moscow’s best practices, and publicize successfully executed pilot projects and implementations.

Technology companies can add their products to the Innovations Map to enable local government and corporate customers to source for top solutions.

Key Objectives:

  • To facilitate sustainable demand for innovative solutions from the city’s entities
  • To accelerate the adoption of innovations by the city’s entities via creating favorable conditions for quick sourcing, demonstration, and testing of technology products and services
  • To boost Moscow’s international appeal and recognition

Maria Bogomolova

Deputy CEO

Tech SMEs

We help Moscow’s small and medium-sized technology enterprises grow and scale up operations.

Key Objectives:

  • To analyze SME needs for innovative technologies and address them with relevant services and projects
  • To implement projects supporting the development of tech SMEs
  • To analyze and update the Moscow SME Database
  • To scout for SMEs to meet the needs of the city and corporations

Ekaterina Brazhnikova

Deputy CEO

Key Projects

Address: 22 Voznesensky pereulok, Moscow, 125009, Russia 

Phone: +7 499 225 9252