The service is active

Sessions of manufacturers is a unique opportunity for manufacturers to present their innovative products directly to potential state customers, such as Moscow authorities, the subordinate organizations and government companies.

Small and medium-size enterprises registered in Moscow and presented own products can access this service. 

On the one hand, the service lets hi-tech enterprises present their products directly to potential customers and receive feedback from them. On the other hand, the representatives from authorities, the subordinate organizations and government companies can become familiar with innovative products that have the potential for using in urban economy.

On receipt of favorable opinion from potential customers based on the nuanced analysis, piloting or appraisal of suggested solution the innovative products insert into the List of Innovative Hi-Tech Products and Technologies. 

Based on the List, the innovative products (goods, workings and services) will purchase for the city in volume no less than 5% of whole annual public contracts (in accordance with Moscow Government Decree on February 24, 2012, #67-PP "On Public Procurement of city Moscow").

Each session has industrial orientation and happens for representatives of one or few Departments of Moscow authorities, for their subordinate organizations and government companies.

The session executes in the format of 5-minute presentation of each innovative product by manufacturer`s representative in front of customers. During one session no more than 9 manufacturer`s representatives and 20-30 potential customer representatives have part.

Regarding the results of face-to-face presentations, potential customers evaluate innovative solutions in accordance with the following criteria:

  • innovativeness, 
  • economic effectiveness,
  • potential of using in urban economy.