The scientific innovative customs post is a joint project of Moscow Government and the Federal Customs Service. The customs post’s specialty is export and import customs' clearance of innovative products and materials for research projects of Moscow-based companies. The customs post is located in Technopolis Moscow on the address Moscow, Volgogradsky prospect, 42/13.

Target Audience

The right to use the scientific innovative customs post`s services belongs to companies that are included in the Register of Organizations Exporting and Importing Scientific and Technical Innovative Products issued by Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship. 

To be included in the Register the company needs to submit:  

1.  The formal request (an order form is available on the site of Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship); 

2.  The extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities (not older than 6 months on submission date); 

3.  The informational letter on organization`s pre-printed form with general information about the company (type of activity, purposes and aims), achievements, inventions or pilot projects, future development;

4.  A copy of agreement (for legal entities acting on behalf and by order of organizations possessing science and technical innovation profile).

The documents’ package is necessary to address on email

Available Services                 

1.  Free consulting on issues of customs clearance and logistics.

2.  Usage of sheltered warehouse for temporary storage.

3.  Remote customs clearance.


1.  Reduction of terms and exclusion of documents’ wrong release regarding innovation products and materials for research projects. 

2.  Provision of convenient service for online customs filing.

3.  Providing with remote release of goods.

4.  Time and cost savings due to the usage of sheltered warehouse for temporary storage.

Organization that provides support

SBI «Moscow Agency of innovations»

Moscow, Voznesensky pereulok, 22

+7 (495) 225-92-52 


Pavel Komnov, 

Phone: +7 (495) 225 9252