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Roundtable “Accelerating the Technological Development, a New Regional Agenda”
16-16 January

The Gaidar Forum, a major international conference focused on Russia and its role in the global economy, is taking place January 15-17 at the Russian Academy of National Economy and Public Administration (RANEPA). 

One of today's roundtables – “Accelerating the Technological Development, a New Regional Agenda” – was dedicated to disruptive change in the age of the fourth industrial revolution.

Speaking at the roundtable, Alexei Parabuchev, CEO at the Moscow Agency of Innovations,  presented the Open Challenges program. Administered by the agency, the program is designed to identify and test technological innovations that can help Moscow solve various problems across a wide range of industries. Parabuchev shared some program outcomes and talked about the pilot testing process, an essential component of the Open Challenges.

The forum brought together scientists, politicians, businessmen, and public figures from all over the world.