First cyborg competition was held in Russia

Visitors of the interactive exhibition Robostation at VDNkH had a chance to witness Cybathlon, the first Russian contest of cyborgs, individuals with mechanical and bionic arm prosthesis. The event was a prep for the first upcoming international competition Cybathlon 2016, which is scheduled for October 8 in Zurich, Switzerland.

Cybathlon is a championship for disabled athletes using advanced assistive devices, such as robotic wheelchairs, bionic prostheses, powered exoskeletons, brain-computer interfaces, and others. Five teams from Russia have applied for the participation in the Zurich event. Each team consists of an athlete who acts as a tester/pilot and a solution development company. 

At the event in Moscow, the contestants had to compete in challenges designed to test their fine motor skills necessary to deal with day-to-day situations, be it the opening of a can, or the locking of a door. Trials in the ARM category organized by the companies Robostation and Motorika featured participants aged 6 to 48 years old.