Agency CEO Alexei Parabuchev Joins Smart City Panel at WCIT in Yerevan

Yesterday, Alexey Parabuchev, CEO of the Moscow Agency of Innovation, took part in the panel discussion “The Smart City: Utopia or Dystopia” at the World Congress on Information Technologies (WCIT) in Yerevan.

The panel addressed issues faced by modern cities trying to harness modern technology to foster economic growth. One of the questions posed by the panel was how to leverage technology to more efficiently and effectively provide city-dwellers with comprehensive public services while striking the balance between the technological promises of a brighter tomorrow and the freedom, privacy and dignity of people.

According to Alexey Parabuchev, Moscow is continuously seeking answers to such questions. What technologies can be adopted by the city? Are they all effective and free from drawbacks that need to be addressed?

“Mass data collection is not the main thing in smart cities, but it is the foundation that underlies the urban decision- and policy-making process,” says Alexey Parabuchev. “In this case, no matter what you measure, in the end you will come to the measurement of human behavior. Unfortunately, in many developing economies, smart city technologies are already being used to control and manage society rather than to stimulate economic growth. We must think about restrictions that cities can impose to compensate for these risks and protect civil society and human rights.”

The World Congress on Information Technologies in Yerevan is running through 9 October.