Natalia Sergunina: "Today, Moscow Produces Everything"

Moscow's small business has significantly increased investments in research and development as well as in its own production capacities. This fact was presented by Natalia Sergunina, deputy mayor in charge of economic policy and land-and-property regulations, at the opening of Business Spring 2016 that started in Moscow on May 25.

"The small business has increased its investments in R&D by 60%, and in its own production – by 22%. It means that the city's economy is not only tied to the domain of trade and services, but also to local production. Today, Moscow produces everything: from neural kits and robots to concrete slabs, from lenses to composite buses," said Natalia Sergunina.

She pointed out that the city's primary goal is to create a full-fledged business development infrastructure accessible by each and every entrepreneur. Within the framework of these efforts, the goal of Business Spring 2016 is provide a meeting space for companies and the city's key state customers, and to give the local business community a thorough understanding of the city's current needs.

To streamline communications between the business community and the city, Business Spring features a bidding marketplace accessible both on- and offline.

  "Today's public procurement is a transparent mechanism to competitively select the best providers. The more Moscow entrepreneurs participate in bidding and in our contracts, the more sustainable will be the city's development in terms of its budget revenue streams," noted Natalia Sergunina.