Natalia Sergunina: "The goal of Business Spring 2016 is to inform entrepreneurs about the city's main needs"

Business Spring 2016 began today in Moscow. According to Natalia Sergunina, deputy mayor in charge of economic policy and land-and-property regulations, the goal of the forum is to provide a meeting space for companies and the city's key state customers, and to give the local business community a thorough understanding of the city's current needs.

"We want to show you, the entrepreneurs, what we, the city, procure. Almost all of the city's state customers are present at the exhibition. You have an opportunity to understand Moscow's needs and identify opportunities to meet these needs," said Natalia Sergunina.

She emphasized that the city's primary goal is to create a full-fledged business development infrastructure accessible by each and every entrepreneur. Within the framework of these efforts, Business Spring features a bidding marketplace, which is also available online.

 "Today's public procurement is a transparent mechanism to competitively select the best providers. The more Moscow entrepreneurs participate in bidding and in our contracts, the more sustainable will be the city's development in terms of its budget revenue streams," noted Natalia Sergunina.

She also highlighted the city's improved standing in Russian and international business rankings. According to her, Business Spring should also accumulate the bests offerings and successful business development strategies.

 "Last year, Moscow hosted many new interesting business projects that change the face of the city, introduce new formats of service provisioning, and drive innovation-based manufacturing. Moscow is ready to support entrepreneurs, and I hope that we'll be able to use the ideas developed at this forum to make the city's investment and entrepreneurship climate truly favorable," said Natalia Sergunina. 

During the event, the Government of Moscow signed a collaboration agreement with MonArch Group on innovation in construction technologies. Another agreement was signed with Internet Development Institute (IDI) to establish a joint research lab focused on the development and testing of innovative telemedicine appliances.