What is the Center for the Advancement of Manufacturing Technologies?

- Do you have a small or medium-sized business?

- Are you asking yourself how to create a truly competitive product?

- Does your manufacturing process require expensive tests?

Welcome to the Center for the Advancement of Manufacturing Technologies!

The center was launched by the Moscow Agency of Innovations and the Government of Moscow to supply local manufacturing enterprises with the following technological services: 




Pre-serial and small-batch prototyping

The center's qualified specialists and latest equipment from the world's leading vendors will enable entrepreneurs to: 

• identify properties, advantages and disadvantages of materials used in specific products or projects;

• ensure material compliance with required standards;

• create master models, part prototypes, or complete products

The center helps companies develop technologies and strengthen competitive advantages to successfully present their products globally. 

To view all available services and equipment, please visit http://innoagency.ru/ru/application/support/certification_center (in Russian), call +7 499 225 92 52, ext. 204, or send an email to KoshalAV@develop.mos.ru.