Day Without Turnstiles

Day Without Turnstiles, Moscow's traditional outreach program that offers local residents an opportunity to take guided tours to various public and private companies, technology parks, etc., will run on 16-18 May. This year's theme is People's Business.

Several small companies will participate in the program this year. Among them is the pastry shop Brownie Mama, whose owner will share with her guests the challenges she's gone through in scaling up her home business. She will demonstrate the making-of process and of course serve brownies.

Visitors to Holy Corn, a popcorn manufacturing company, will learn about its owner who left an international consulting company to create her own brand in the food industry. They will also be offered insights in how to avoid mistakes in starting one's own business and succeed in securing deals with major retailers within a year.

IT enthusiasts have a chance to get behind-the-scenes look at Yandex, one of the most successful technology companies in the world. Yandex employees will talk about their company's journey from a small 1990s startup to Russia's largest Internet company.

Trends and developments in the VR industry – this topic will be addressed by representatives of the  Cyberspace technology and entertainment center. Visitors to this venue will have a chance to take a ride on a virtual car and learn what it takes to become a professional gamer.

The Smart City pavilion at VDNKh will showcase services and technologies that are already implemented in Moscow. Here, visitors will be able to take a VR metro ride while being in the motorman's cabin, talk to a robot, and run a virtual health screening session.

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