Experimental Legal Regimes Proposed for Digital Innovation

The Ministry of Economic Development has proposed a law titled „On Experimental Legal Regimes for Digital Innovation“ 

The document recommends authorities to create “regulatory sandboxes” for systems based on big data, blockchain, neural, AI, quantum, robotic, wireless, VR, AR, and other technologies. Thanks to these special regulatory environments, companies will be able to test new disruptive technologies without violating existing laws.

According to the ministry, such “sandboxes” will help reduce legal uncertainties with regards to new products and enable these products to appear on the market faster. These “sandboxes” will be open to legal entities, individual entrepreneurs, local and executive authorities. Any company wishing to test a new technology will be able to create its own “sandbox” or join an already existing one.

The proposed law suggests establishing experimental regimes for no longer than three years. Should the outcome be positive, a relevant authority will be able to initiate amendments to laws governing the application of tested technologies.