The best eco-start-ups of Moscow will be presented at the III Eco-residence

On 14 and 15 November at Deworkacy area the final presentation of the projects and awarding the winners of the eco-start-ups Moscow Eco Challenge will be held.

Competition of eco- startups Moscow Eco Challenge is organized by the state environment budgetary institution "Mospriroda", Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Protection.

The purpose of the program is to search promising environmental start-ups in the country and creation of dialogue with representatives of state bodies, as well as training of young companies to cooperate with “big business”.

12 entrepreneurs of the 95 applicants of projects, developing their projects in various environmental fields, will perform in the final stage.

During November 14-15, an exhibition will be open, where the finalists will demonstrate their ideas and production.

To view the detailed program of the event and to register, please visit: