Sergei Sobyanin: Infrastructure Development Remains Priority for Moscow

At the recent Gaidar Forum, Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin talked about ties between investment growth and infrastructure development and emphasized the need to invest in large agglomerations.

«In previous years we experienced serious turbulence – one crisis after another. Nevertheless, we've managed to prioritize the development of Moscow's infrastructure. For each ruble in public funding we receive three rubles worth of investment regardless of crisis situations,” said Sobyanin during the on-stage discussion “National Development Goals: Strategy of Russia for 2018–2024” at the 10th Gaidar Forum on January 16.

According to the mayor, investment in Moscow has grown continuously for the last eight years. Over that period, investment in fixed assets has expanded by 80%. 

The mayor pointed out that additional resources should be allocated for large urban agglomerations: “Without developing large agglomerations and cities, without targeted investment in them, it will be impossible to fuel the innovation economy and improve productivity – I am sure of that.” 

Founded in 2010, the Gaidar Forum is an annual international economics conference. It brings together scientists, politicians, businessmen, and public figures from all over the world. This year, the forum is held on January 15-17.