Open Innovation Marketplace Names Finalists

Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, Moscow Agency of Innovations, Skolkovo Innovation Center and La Salle Technova Barselona have completed the selection of top entries for Open Innovation Marketplace (OIMP), a global startup competition held under the auspices of the 33rd IASP World Conference.   

50 companies identified by the jury will meet at the final stage of the contest on September 20 in Moscow, where they will present their solutions to the jury, investors and guests of the conference.

Winners will have an opportunity to pilot their innovations in Moscow,  get an access to potential customers and investors as well as to take advantage of the city's innovation infrastructure.

The finalists have been selected from 496 entries submitted by participants from Russia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Latvia, Sweden, South Korea, and other countries. All entrants competed in 10 industry challenges provided by the city.

More than 35 individuals acted as judges of the competition. Each challenge had its individual jury board comprised of representatives of organizations that originated a specific challenge, as well as local (Skolkovo) and international experts.

The challenge that received the highest number of entries (71 participants from Russia and abroad) was focused on solutions that optimize the consumption of energy resources. With their share exceeding that of Russian participants, international contestants were most active in the challenge dedicated to additive manufacturing technologies.


Finalists grouped by industry challenges:

Challenge №1 – Innovations in Environmental Services

          LLC Akvafobia (Russia)

          LLC Avtostankoprom (Russia)

          Cornucopia Group LLC (USA)

          JSC Tion Holding (Russia)

          LLC Bioenergy (Russia)


Challenge 2 – Innovative Approaches to Preventing Chronic Non-Contagious Diseases and Fostering a Culture of Responsibility for Personal Health

          LLC DRD (Russia)

          Plataforma Saúde Ltda. (Brazil)

          LLC Telebiomet (Russia)

          Ring-Ring BV (the Netherlands)

          LLC Targetta (Russia)


Challenge 3 – Innovations in Construction Technologies and Materials

          LLC Teplorium (Russia)

          LLC InnTechPro (Russia)

          LLC ThyssenKrupp Elevator (Russia)

          NPO Hydrol-Roofing (Russia)

          LLC 3К Technologies (Russia)


Challenge 4 – Innovations to Improve Safety and Ensure Continuous Operation of Elevators, Engineering Equipment and Operator Control Systems

          LLC NPK Tekon-Automatika (Russia)

          Avire s.r.o. (the Czech Republic)

          LLC Mobilnye Innovatsii (Russia)

          LLC  LINTECH (Russia)

          LLC Sodis Lab  (Russia)


Challenge 5 – Effective Transportation and Infrastructure Management Systems to Increase Traffic Throughput, Speed and Ease Traffic Burden

          SeatsPlanet, Inc. (Canada)

          Fluidtime-data services, Gmbh. (Austria)

          LLC NPC ITS (Russia)

          LLC SmartMedia (Russia)

          LLC Samokat Sharing (Russia)


Challenge №6 – Additive Manufacturing Technologies

          LLC AkKo Lab (Russia)

          LLC Elecard-Med (Russia)

          LLC IL & ST (Russia)

          LLC Kuranty (Russia)

          Eurecat (Spain)


Challenge 7 – Innovations in Blockchain-Based Distributed Ledger Technologies

          Koibanx, Ltd. (USA)

          Mycelium US Inc. (USA)

          LLC Acronis (Russia)

          ChromaWay AB  (Sweden)

          LLC DesiksLab (Russia)


Challenge 8 – Innovations in the Industrial Internet of Things

          LLC Telecan (Russia)

          LLC IC Stakoservis (Russia)

          OJSC MZTA (Russia)

          Connecthings Ltd. (France)

          Opticits Ingeniería Urbana, SL. (Spain)


Challenge 9 – Innovations to Optimize (Reduce) the Consumption of Energy Resources at All Stages of Industrial and Business Operations, Including Innovations to Reduce Technological/Service Consumption During the Transmission and Distribution of Electrical Power

          LLC Helgi Lab (Russia)

          LLC NPO Tsifrovie Izmeritelnye Transformatory (Russia)

           FIRSTAR Inc.(South Korea)

          LLC Energoresurs-STE (Russia)

          LLC Barclay (Russia)


Challenge 10 – Innovations in Large-Scale Remote Health Monitoring

          LLC Medlinesoft (Russia)

          FM ANO OPORA ZDOROVIA (Russia)

          JSC I.T. Co (Russia)

          LLC RTLab (Russia)

          LLC Hilby (Russia)