Portable Projector to Conquer Families Worldwide

Cinemood, a Russian technology company that provides children’s entertainment products, has announced it has raised 263 million rubles to take its pre-loaded wireless video projector to new markets.

Branded as a portable movie theater, the Cinemood product is a 3-inch cubed projector that includes a wide range of pre-installed and subscription-based content for children and families.

Along with a library of Soviet filmstrips, classic and modern-day cartoons, e-books, shadow puppets, lullabies, and bedtime stories, Russian users of Cinemood can access Mult TV, ivi, MegaFon TV, Yandex.Music. Detskoye Radio, and other online services. Users in other countries can stream Netflix, YouTube, and Amazon Prime Video content, or download and watch it even without Internet connection.

Tens of thousands of families enjoy Cinemood all over the world.