Russian Companies Win Three Tech Contests in Moscow

The Moscow Department of Labor and Social Security hosted a demo session for solutions that have been acknowledged as winners in three open challenges: New Approaches to the Diagnosis of Musculoskeletal Disorders and the Monitoring of Rehabilitation in Children; Innovations in Remote Diagnostics and Health Monitoring for Senior Citizens; and Navigation Systems for Locating Residents in Assisted Living Community.

The following nine solutions were presented to the audience:

1. Oskor, by OOO Invitro

2. Life button, by OOO Tsentr Trevozhnaya Knopka

3. Opeka appliance, by AO SoftLine Trade

4. TUR Kimatur, a shockwave therapy device, by OOO MKR

5. Orthopedic instruments with performance control, by OOO Risava

6. Medsenger, a home-care monitoring platform for seniors, by OOO TelePat

7. Telemedicine Holter ECG monitor, by OOO Medicom

8. Moyo Zdorovye, a mobile app, by ООО Meditsinskiye Informatsionnye Resheniya

9. Surdophone, by OOO Lomonosov Capital

Given the medical nature of all the solutions and the scope of adoption of healthcare innovations in Moscow, the session was attended by a representative of the Research Institute of Emergency Pediatric Surgery and Traumatology.

All nine solutions have been approved for pilot projects at organizations supervised by the Moscow Department of Labor and Social Security.

The International Open Challenges program aims to identify and test innovative solutions that meet the needs of Moscow across a wide range of industries.