Winners Announced for OIMP

Ten Russian and four international companies became the winners of Open Innovation Marketplace (OIMP), a global competition of startups in open challenges provided by government and business entities. The Moscow premiere of OIMP was held during the 33rd IASP World Conference.

The winners of the competition were announced by Oleg Bocharov, Head of Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship; Alexander Chernov, Senior Vice President for External Communications and Advertising at Skolkovo Foundation; and Josep Piqué, Vice President of the International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation (IASP).

All OIMP's winners will get a chance to pilot their solutions in Moscow. Several teams that didn't win but whose projects nevertheless generated a lot of attention from the initiators of the challenges will also be able to test their solutions in the city.

“This was the largest OIMP competition in its history, both in terms of the number of entries and their geography,” says Alexey Parabuchev, CEO of Moscow Agency of Innovations. “The keen interest by companies from so many countries highlights the relevance of the Open Innovation model, the foundation of OIMP's concept. Moscow works hard to create a truly favorable business environment equipped with a strong innovation infrastructure and a motivated workforce.”

More than 2,000 technology companies from 30 countries were invited to join the competition. The organizers received 496 entries from Russia, the United States, Canada, Brazil, the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Austria, Spain, Latvia, Sweden, South Korea, and other countries. The best 50 companies, which included well-known vendors as well as young ambitious innovators, participated in the final event. More than 200 meetings were organized, allowing the companies to present their solutions directly to the initiators of the challenges, investors, and experts. 


            Challenge                                    Winner


Innovations in Environmental Services

Aquaphobia LLC (Vandal-Proof Hydrophobic Protective Coating)


Innovative Approaches to Preventing Chronic Non-Contagious Diseases and  Fostering a Culture of Responsibility for Personal Health

DRD LLC (Express Hemotests to Identify Brain Injury)

Special prize for the best international solution:

Ring-Ring BV (Ring-Ring® Nudging Healthy Mobility for Effective Prevention of NCD)


Innovations in Construction Technologies and Materials

InnTechPro LLC (Zinoferr Anticorrosive Zinc Silicate Coating)


Innovations to Improve Safety and Ensure Continuous Operation of Elevators, Engineering Equipment and Operator Control Systems

LinTech LLC, (Distributed Sensor Networking Device for the Housing-and-Utilities Sector)

Special prize for the best international solution:

Avire s.r.o. (PANACHROME Eleveator Light Curtains)


Effective Transportation and Infrastructure Management Systems to Increase Traffic Throughput, Speed and Ease Traffic Burden

Samocat Sharing LLC  (Samocat Sharing System)


Additive Manufacturing Technologies

IL&ST LLC (Heterophased Powder Laser Metallurgy)

 Special prize for the best international solution:

Eurecat (Eurecat –Fibre Reinforced Additive Manufacturing)


Innovations in Blockchain-Based Distributed Ledger Technologies

Acronis LLC (Blockchain-Based Tamper-Proof Data Storage)

Special prize for the best international solution:

Koibanx, Ltd (Koibanx – Smart Contract and Blockchain Service)


Innovations in the Industrial Internet of Things

Stankoservis LLC (Industrial Equipment Monitoring System)


Innovations to Optimize Consumption of Energy Resources

Helge Lab LLC (3D-Mapping Heat Leakages in the City)


Innovations in Large-Scale Remote Health Monitoring

ANO OPORA ZDOROVIA (Mass Health Monitoring, Convenient Medical Care (“Medtaxophone”)


About OIMP:

OIMP was organized jointly by Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, Moscow Agency of Innovations, Skolkovo Innovation Center, and La Salle Technova Barcelona.

The industry challenges for the competition were developed in partnership with several departments of the Moscow government and state corporations: Moscow Healthcare Department, Moscow Department of Environmental Management and Protection, Moscow Department of Urban Development, Moscow Department of Public Utilities and Amenities, Moscow Department of Transport and Road Infrastructure Development, Rostec State Corporation, Rostelecom, Rosseti, Sberbank Technologies, and Morton Group.

The competition featured global innovations in transportation, environmental services, public utilities, construction, additive manufacturing, blockchain, IIoT, energy, and e-health.