Moscow Needs Telemedicine Solutions to Improve Residents' Health and Fitness

The Pirogov Surgery Center and Moscow Agency of Innovations announce an open challenge to identify telemedicine solutions that can help Moscow residents boost physical activity and improve health.

Pressed for time and not willing to spend hours on hospital visits, residents of mega cities tend to use telemedicine services actively. The Pirogov Surgery Center plans to start providing telemedicine services to more than 10,000 people annually.

Participation is open to projects at various stages of development – from ideas to complete products. Small and medium innovative companies, entrepreneurs, research teams, and individual scientists are encouraged to apply.

Submissions will be evaluated by a dedicated jury comprised of representatives of the Pirogov Surgery Center, Speech Pathology and Neurorehabilitation Center, Ministry of Healthcare of the Russian Federation, Moscow Healthcare Department, other executive authorities, and industry organizations.

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