Open Challenges: Transformable Spaces for Public Schools

The Moscow Agency of Innovations together with School No. 1535 have announced a competition of innovative solutions that can help create multifunctional and easily transformable spaces in public schools.

A transformable environment (portable partitions, soft seating units, room dividers, and equipment) would enable diverse learning settings for various types of activities, including film screenings and workshops, presentations, project collaborations, rehearsals, dry runs, etc. When transformed, the school's canteen can serve both as a single open space for mass events (celebrations, dance parties, concerts, games, charity fairs) and as a study hall for student discussions and meetings.

Participation is open to projects at various stages of development – from ideas to complete products. Small and medium innovative companies, entrepreneurs, research teams, and individual scientists are encouraged to apply.

Submissions will be evaluated by a dedicated jury comprised of representatives of the Moscow Agency of Innovations, School No. 1535, executive authorities, and industry organizations.

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