Call for Entries to Open Challenges

The State Integrated Rehabilitation and Education Center and the Moscow Agency of Innovations announce a call for entries to the open challenge on innovations in food waste disposal.

The open challenge comes from the necessity to quickly cope with growing amounts of food waste while reducing excessive water consumption and carbon emissions. Another important objective is to improve the sanitary state of the dining areas and reduce the amount of space for waste storage at the rehabilitation center while ensuring strict compliance with the sanitary and epidemiological regulations of the Russian Federation.

Eligible for competition are integrated solutions and projects that address the following needs:

•   to process food waste in an eco-friendly manner;

•   to reduce the amount of food waste by 95-97%;

•   to reduce food waste storage time to 24 hours;

•   to treat/dispose of food waste directly at the premises of the rehabilitation center and thus enable the reduction of MSW disposal costs by 70-80% (collection, transportation and disposal);

•   to get rid of unpleasant smells, insects and rodents at the premises of the rehabilitation center;

•   to use organic residues left after waste treatment as compost, a food additive for animals, or a renewable energy source;

•   to avoid periodic costs of refilling equipment with bacteria.

Finalists of the challenge will have a chance to run pilot projects in Moscow.

Submissions will be evaluated by a dedicated jury comprised of representatives of the Moscow Department of Labor and Social Security and its subordinate organizations, the Moscow Department of Science, Industrial Policy and Entrepreneurship, Moscow Agency of Innovations, other executive authorities, and industry organizations.