New Open Challenge Winners

The Moscow Department of Environmental Management and Protection and its affiliate organizations have announced winners in the challenge dedicated to construction materials with improved environmental properties.

The winners are:

1) Automated 4D Matrix Parking Lot, by Smart Parking Group (Latvia, Riga)

2) Recyclabe Polypropylene Void Formers, by Ekotehplaza (Russia, Moscow)

Honorable mentions:

1) Special Sanitary Ware for Public Spaces, by Delabie (Russia, Moscow)

2)  Invasion, an ultra-deep fungicide impregnation, by GK Stena (Russia, Izhevsk)

3) Autonomous USB Charger for Public Spaces, by Alexei Sizov (Russia, Cheboksary)

4) Improving the Energy Efficiency of Swimming Pools and Aquatic Centers, by PHOSPHORIS (France, Paris)

5) Free Chilling – Natural Air Conditioning, by PHOSPHORIS (France, Paris)

6) Solarspot Natural Light Delivery, by Tsentr Ekologicheskih Innitsiativ Design Bureau (Russia, Moscow)

The international Open Challenges program is designed to facilitate the adoption of innovations that meet the needs of Moscow and its residents.