Mobile Rehabilitation Challenge Winners Undergo Local Testing

Three runners-up of Moscow's challenge for innovations in mobile rehabilitation therapy have commenced testing activities at Rehabilitation and Education Center №7. All three offer innovative VR solutions.

Devirta.Delfi 1.0 is a VR program that helps patients regain mobility, muscular strength, coordination, balance, and vestibular stability. Devirta.Tochnost is a VR software suit designed to restore lost mobility in upper limbs to help patients return to normal daily activities.

Wellness Medical Scanner can reliably assess the user's physical condition, fitness, fatigue and stress levels, and reserve capacity. It helps identify various disorders at early stages, understand specific reasons for weight gain and pick an appropriate training program to reduce it. It also enables patients to customize rehabilitation and training activities and ensure timely control and corrective action.

The International Open Challenges program aims to identify and test innovative solutions that meet the needs of Moscow across a wide range of industries.