Experts Discuss the Future of Career Navigation

On May 31, 2016, Internet+Education Forum took place in Moscow. Russia's top educators, representatives of government organizations, and experts from the Internet Development Institute (IDI) discussed challenges and opportunities presented in today's education environment.

"The Internet Development Institute views education as one of the most important industries for the new economy. Today, there is a plethora of standalone educational services and applications, which enjoy a strong demand from parents and children. Our goal is to coordinate public and private efforts in order to create a comprehensive child development system in the country," said Vladimir Yablonsky, social programs director at IDI. 

 During the session "Career Navigation in Today's Education System: Challenges and Solutions," the company Profilum and Moscow Agency of Innovations introduced their joint project "Careers of the Future Moscow" focused on showcasing the city's professional development and education opportunities to schoolchildren and their parents. 

Involving children and youth in innovation is a priority for Moscow Agency of Innovations. The agency runs various projects on career navigation and youth creativity to foster future talent for innovation companies. 

"Profilum is a technology that helps identify and develop talents, and is based on a unique testing system. Together with Moscow Agency of Innovations we have developed a personalized service that allows to select education programs and professions for every child. At Profilum's site, children and their parents will be able to find a catalogue of high-demand professions, take an aptitude test to identify their inclination for particular areas and pick an appropriate education program," says  Anna Shaikhutdinova, Profilum's director and co-founder.