VR Rehabilitation

Motorica, a Skolkovo resident company, has successfully conducted patient rehabilitation in VR.

The Attilan multiuser VR platform teaches patients to use bioelectric prosthetic devices in a game environmenr. Motorica, the company behind the platform, earlier introduced it at the OTWorld-2018 fair in Germany.

The platform offers a rehabilitation program that contains sets of exercises for arm muscle recovery.  Leveraging game-based virtual settings, the platform encourages the user to perform exercises.

Attilan ensures real-time feedback and provides the user with actionable insights on his or her progress. The prosthetic device also functions as a regular game controller, enabling the user to control the virtual environment.

“In the future, we plan to augment the platform with rehabilitation programs for other devices, such as exoskeletons,” said Iliya Czech, Attilan developer and CEO of Motorica.

Source: www.sk.ru