Innovation Cluster is Key Priority for Moscow in 2019

Creating an innovation cluster will become a key priority for Moscow in 2019, according to a statement by Moscow Deputy Mayor Natalia Sergunina in her interview to the TV channel Moskva 24. The cluster will bring together technology parks, IT companies, educational organizations, research institutes, and hi-tech enterprises.

“The city attaches special importance to innovation, and setting up an innovation cluster is one of our key objectives for 2019,” said Sergunina. “We believe it will accommodate some 20 thousand potential participants – developers or producers of innovative products.”

The innovation cluster is expected to become a foundation for the breakthrough development of the whole country. In particular, it should strengthen cooperation among researchers, developers and manufacturers, help them streamline communications and logistics, reduce costs, and increase competitiveness.

For similar reasons, the city has launched iMoscow, a web guide on all things pertaining to innovation in Moscow. This site accumulates information on technology parks, special economic zones, coworking spaces, research centers, certification authorities, laboratories, youth innovation and creativity centers, and hi-tech companies operating in Moscow. Thanks to iMoscow, users can find information about organizations that can design, prototype, test and certify a technological product. The site also enables users to book space at technology parks and coworking centers, enroll children in technology classes, learn about local government incentives for tech companies, and apply for participation in Moscow's export promotion program.

“The iMoscow portal helps people find a facility or equipment to run tests and organize pilot production. On the other hand, those with underused equipment or space capacities can find consumers who need them,” said Sergunina.

Among the new services introduced at iMoscow in 2018 is a job board with vacancies posted by residents of Moscow's technology parks. Currently, it accommodates close to 2,000 openings from more than 150 companies. They can be filtered by profile, line of business, company name and location.