Technological companies of the capital have talked about the services that are in demand by businesses

The Department of industrial policy, science and entrepreneurship of Moscow has held the meeting with representatives of technological companies of the capital on the topic “Services that are in demand for technological companies in Moscow” together with Moscow Agency of Innovations.

Discussion of services that can be in demand by technological companies of Moscow has taken place in the framework of the meeting. More than 10 representatives of high-tech businesses in the sphere of medicine, construction, electronics, metal working have taken part at the meeting.

Entrepreneurs have talked about the existing needs of businesses and have shared their vision of suitable services that can be in demand for companies within the framework of state support. The need for access to qualified personnel, the necessity to create certified centres for the testing of high-tech products, the demand for available investments for development of production and a number of other  questions that are important for entrepreneurs that have been highlighted as well.

Conducting meetings in such a format allows to obtain up-to-date information about business needs and the objective assessment of services that support and develop demand as proposed by the city. It is planned to hold similar meetings with representatives of companies on a constant basis further on.