CT Scanner to Diagnose Postural Disorders

Specialists at State Rehabilitation and Education Center No. 76 have completed pilot trials of a new imaging device that can help diagnose postural disorders. 

The device is intended for non-invasive examination of the dorsal surface of the patient's body and a 3D assessment of posture in frontal, sagittal and horizontal planes. The complex is used by medical professionals to carry out mass spinal screenings of schoolchildren and monitor patients with spinal deformities.

The imaging system can successfully replace X-ray machines. With the help of the system, Novosibirsk's School No. 133 was able to reduce the number of X-ray examinations by 80%. 

The system was named among the winning entries of a recent competition held under the Open Challenges program and focused on new approaches to the diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) in children.

On 16-17 May, specialists of State Rehabilitation and Education Center No. 76 demonstrated the system to their colleagues from 12 Russian regions.