Winners Announced for VR Healthcare Challenge

The expert board of the Moscow Agency of Innovations has announced winners of its open challenge for providers of innovative education and career counseling solutions for children with disabilities.

Four solutions scored the highest points:

1. Vroadcaster, a VR platform by ESTUDIO BAY S.L (Spain)

2. Digital library and software for VR/AR-enabled classes, by ООО Pompei Art Group (Russia)

3. VR-enabled learning for children with disabilities, by ООО Future Technologies (Belarus)

4. Scantukan AR browser, by ООО Initlab (Russia)

The winners will be offered an opportunity to run pilot projects at Rehabilitation and Education Center № 7, the organization that initiated the challenge.

Six more solutions received honorable mentions from the expert board and will also be considered for implementation:

1.         Inclusive career counseling, by ООО Masterslavl (Russia)

2.         3D-HOLOGRAM, by ООО Imperium (Russia)

3.         Egenglish.Ru, by A.A. Tarasov (Russia)

4.         Dion Tactil, by ООО Neogranichennye Vozmozhnosti (Russia)

5.         Oyster, by ООО Proexam (Russia)

6.         Inspiring creativity, by ООО CS Impex (Russia)