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26 OCTOBER 2019
9:00 — 21:00
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AGENDA Urban.Tech Moscow IN Minsk


Urban.Tech Moscow
in Minsk
26 October
An international tour hackathon
Teams of 3-5 people
Developers, designers, analysts, managers and marketing specialists
Creators of digital products addressing the needs of public sector and business customers
27 October
02 november
05 November
Tel Aviv
Czech Republic
10 November
What do you need to do?

What do you need to do?

Pick one out of several tasks on offer
Put together a team (3 to 5 people)
Participate in an international tour hackathon and present your product idea
Win a chance to present your product and your country in Moscow in front of top managers of international companies and Moscow government officials
Design a digital product prototype at the final hackathon in Moscow on 29 November – 2 December and launch a pilot project jointly with the Moscow government and leading corporations
Win* a trip to Moscow and visit largest corporations and pilot sites in the city. You will learn how seasoned companies collaborate with startups and see what the city does to support entrepreneurs .
*Travel and accommodation will be provided to top three teams in each country of the international tour (limited to 5 persons per team).
Focus areas and tasks

Focus areas and tasks

Prize Fund
10 million
Vulnerability Search
Budgeting Process Visualization
Artificial Intelligence
Identification of Innovative Products
Visual Product Search
Management system
Developing an Integrated Approach to the Detection of Cross-Product Cyber Threats
Digital Urban Space Modeling
IT Solutions Marketplace
Application for Ground Public Transportation Real Time Monitoring
Smart City
Personalized Media Content Provision
Optimizing Street Maintenance Costs
  • Finance
  • Vulnerability Search

    Vulnerability Search

    It is necessary to perform a search for critical vulnerabilities and exploits, as well as to assess the security of a system by simulating an attack in a new digital payment service.

  • Budgeting Process Visualization

    Budgeting Process Visualization

    You are required to design visualization tools (a working prototype) that reflect the budget formulation and execution processes based on data from Moscow’s state information systems. The prototype should enable managers and their subordinates identify and track the execution status of measures required by law in connection with budget planning and spending operations.

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Identification of Innovative Products

    Identification of Innovative Products

    It is necessary to come up with a solution that can identify innovative products in a database of products/services that contains a list of specifications and values for each product/service.

  • Visual Product Search

    Visual Product Search

    It is necessary to develop a prototype of a mobile application that recognizes apparel items on a photo and provides a link to look-alike items at an online store

  • Management system
  • Developing an Integrated Approach to the Detection of Cross-Product Cyber Threats

    Developing an Integrated Approach to the Detection of Cross-Product Cyber Threats

    To offer threat detection scenarios for threats that none of single solutions were able to spot, but which can be identified via a correlation of cross-product data (data coming from various infrastructure levels).

  • Digital Urban Space Modeling

    Digital Urban Space Modeling

    Proposed solutions should enable the overlaying of visual data on a 3D model of Moscow. These data will be transmitted from surveillance cameras installed on public transportation fleet as well as from mobile devices. Another important requirement is the ability to analyze changes in the 3D model in order to identify violations.

  • Marketplaces
  • IT Solutions Marketplace

    IT Solutions Marketplace

    We need a solution that connects software products to a cloud marketplace and covers their entire life cycle from the moment of entering the marketplace to the end of sales, including pricing, support and other accompanying processes. The proposed solution should be scalable and independent of the software product chosen for placement at the marketplace.

  • Application for Ground Public Transportation Real Time Monitoring

    Application for Ground Public Transportation Real Time Monitoring

    You need to design a solution that will enable local residents to track the location of above-ground public transportation vehicles (PTVs) in real time in order to forecast and optimize waiting times.

  • Smart City
  • Personalized Media Content Provision

    Personalized Media Content Provision

    It is necessary to develop a prototype that will provide mobile broadband access to the Internet during mass events attended by thousands of people, for example, music concerts or sports events (football matches or Formula 1 races).

  • Optimizing Street Maintenance Costs

    Optimizing Street Maintenance Costs

    The city needs to optimize its street maintenance operations. The required solution should help increase their efficiency and reduce associated costs.


full descriptions of all tasks (PDF)



26 OCTOBER 2019
9:00 – 21:00
Itransition Congress hall
25, pereulok Kozlova
AGENDA Urban.Tech Moscow in Minsk



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